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The works seen in these images deal with attraction, both physical and emotional.  The interactions of the figures reflect our own relational interactions, from the romantic to the coy to the ecstatic.  Rapt in each other, the figures ignore the viewer; the viewer is asked to approach each piece as voyeur, catching glimpses of lovers unaware they have been “caught in the act.”  The viewer, as voyeur, enters into the interaction – a “visual ménage a trios.”

I incorporate my own love of juxtaposed textures – coarse, weathered surfaces against smooth, glossy finishes.  These surfaces not only reflect design choices, but also support thematic ideas in the pieces: different yet complementing surfaces reflect complementing partner choices; shared patterns and shapes reflect our search for connection.

The vulnerability of intimacy, both physical and emotional, is powerful, enlightening and at times humorous; these are some of the experiences viewers are asked to address as they interact with these works.

Head to HeadHead to Head (alternative view)Ride (alternative view)Ride (alternative view)Mutual AttractionSometimes They Go TogetherNice To Meet YouNice To Meet You (alternative view)Rapt/UnwrappedRapt/Unwrapped (alternative view)ChargedCall and AnswerCall and Answer (alternative view)They All Become PartDegrees of SeparationDegrees of Separation (alternative view)Penetration/EmbracePenetration/Embrace (alternative view)